Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why I will never again say, "try not to get in trouble at school today, eh?"

"Mom, aren't you relieved I was suspended from school today?"

Relieved isn't half of it. Wednesday afternoon I thought the punishment a bit severe - detention seemed like a more viable option for getting up in the middle of PE class and ignoring the teacher's request to sit down.

Thursday, during the two-hour drive home from work, with twisted, uprooted trees dotting the landscape, rescue workers and concerned parents on every corner, I cried from relief. Sitting in the dark with no electricity, cable, phone or internet seemed like such a tiny inconvenience after the storm.


ms. biped said...

thank god for trouble-making. really. wow. can you believe such a blessing?

(and thank the cybergods for statcounter. i didn't know if you ever opened another blog.)

AlabamaGal said...

I am so thankful you and your son and pets are ok. I can imagine what you are seeing around you... because I saw the same years ago when a tornado tore our town apart.

I am thinking of you.

((big hug)) & Much Love,

JustJock said...

I was so very surprised to find out a house hadn't been dropped on you.

Word of the day: Poppies.

JustJock said...

and you know I'm kidding. if i had a heart, it would have been in my throat.

now, grease me up, dorothy.

CQ said...

Ms. Biped: same blog, but I changed the url (I'm slick like that, for no apparent reason).

Michelle: I'm a yankee! I don't know how ya'll go through this.

Jock: yes, you can borrow my ruby slippers.

Sarah said...

Holy shit.