Monday, February 12, 2007

Electrosexualmagnetic Forces

I'm a married man magnet.

Correction: I'm a "married-but-it's-complicated-and-she-doesn't-understand-I-just-need-a-piece-of-ass" man magnet.


JustJock said...

my wife understands me all too well. may I have a piece of ass now?

in truth, I'm sorry to hear this. you deserve more...

oldestgenxer said...

My wife doesn't understand me. Correction: she doesn't understand why I have a girlfriend. Now can I have a piece of ass?

Hey, girl. Been gone awhile, thought I lost you. Trying to get my blogspot going, it's a hopeless affair (much like our doomed love, blah blah blah.)
If you dont recognize this, you should recognize
Riding in Cars with Pizza.

I'll be back soon. Yes, that was a threat.

JustJock said...

Here's to "doomed" love.

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you, at least, get to eat some chocolate.

terri said...

of course you are darling...have you met you? Fun, gorgeous, fun, blonde...the exact opposite of how most men perceive the ole ball and chain. :)

Missed you much...

Darren said...

I must have missed the rulebook saying married men can't get some from their wives.

Always out of the loop.

AlabamaGal said...

I agree, you deserve much better.

I hope all is ok your way after the bad weather. I know you live in South Alabama.I heard about the tornado in Enterprise. I am hoping you and your son are safe.