Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Solo Etoh

I have this rule against drinking alone. Fuck my stupid rules.

Blah, blah, oink: my new job is sort of a diagonal move up - I'm overseeing much of my old responsibilities, even though I work for a different company. At first, I tried being laid back - "Oh, hey, when you get the chance, this needs to be done". My ex-boss, though, seems to be caught up in semantics: "this scope of work says it will affect a few machines, but 4 is more than a few. What you're asking is labor intensive and we won't be able to do it."

Uh-huh, uh-huh, I hear what you're saying, but...DO IT ANYWAY!! My jugular has been bulging and twitching for 48 hours and for all the time we've spent disagreeing, the fucking work could already have been done. I'm frustrated, annoyed, pissed off and wondering if men like to fight, just for the sake of fighting!


AlabamaGal said...

I feel you, really do.

Yesterday a co-worker walked over to my desk and talked to me (real loud) like she was my Supervisor. I was all the while thinking, What the fuck? I hope she is smart enough to never try that shit again. I am letting it ride the first time,

but next time...

Ahhh, the joys of office stupidity!!!!

Do you have an extra beer? :)

((big hug))

monty said...

Oh, I feel you already know the answer to that.

kittycatlane said...

The answer is YES! So says, Madam Kitty... know all, see all, gets none. BIG HUGS, Steph aka Madam Kitty

Darren said...

Pets can count as drinking buddies. They can just sit there and listen to you spout off about stuff just like people can.


Pookie Babcock Esq. said...

oh, funny girl...what a silly question. I enjoy nothing more than a good argu...deba...discussion. you say fight. I say feet. suck mine.

women, on the other hand, who may or may not like to "fight," love to drone on as if the sound of their voice is some kind of orgasmic narcotic.

kay said...

Pookie Babcock is wrong, of course.

We aren't "droning on;" we're trying to get it through your thick skulls that our way is most likely the best way, and if we have to tell you over and over again, then so be it.

It's becoming clear to me that when Husband and I drive to Florida in January, we need to make a stop in...Alabama? Is that where you are? Why can I never keep those damn southern states straight?!?

Can you meet us at the Denny's?

ms. biped said...

i think we should all abandon our works and live in the streets. if everyone stopped working and moved into the streets, i bet we could reverse this whole "work trend" in america. don't you think? who's with me?

kittycatlane said...

Ms P, Sounds like an idea. I'll start looking for a good cardboard box right now. We be livin the high life! lol

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