Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm not sure how I lost an entire month, but, yep, I did. I'm blaming the new job. Or on too much company. Or the fact that my sister and I are regulars at our favorite bar (finally!) because the bouncers don't make us pay cover and the bartender doesn't ask what we're drinking (yes!). How proud my parents must be.

On my last day at the OLD job, my boss surprised me with a 4-leaf clover front license plate. He took a photo of my tattoo to a screenprinter in an attempt to duplicate my Q, which was a wonderful gesture, but as far as hanging out in the parking lot showing strangers my matching tattoo and, not so much.

All my co-workers gave me a sappy sentimental card filled with "it's been wonderful working with you" and "I hope you take over the world", but Jessicunt? Wrote "See ya", followed by her initials. Can you feel the love?

Someone once told me I would never find a man as long as I lived in Alabama, which is some sort of back-handed compliment, I suppose, because I'm too independent and intelligent-ish (I'm assuming). Turns out there are great men in Alabama, but only temporarily visiting.

I decided to bake pumpkin bread to take to my ex-stepmother's house for Thanksgiving dinner, but used baking powder instead of baking soda and burned all unrisen four mini loaves instead. Frazzled, but remembering a new recipe for apple-cranberry pie I wanted to try, I peeled some apples and attempted project #2. The oven timer must have gone off some time during my shower, as the crust and crumbly top goodness were burnt to a crisp by the time I checked on the damn thing. I arrived at her house with two bottles of wine and a grocery bag with canned goods - mushroom soup, green beans and French onion pieces.

My son & I had driven separately because I had to drive to the airport in Tallahassee to pick up my best friend that evening, and he would go back home afterwards. While showing off his car and stereo, he somehow managed to lock his keys inside the car. My sister agreed to drive him back to our house, but he grabbed the wrong key ring and had to call a locksmith in the end.

My friend Holly has missed her last three flights, but this time she was only delayed while they waited for a crew member. We spent five wonderful days catching up, which I'll write the end of December, anyway, I'm sure.


~SweetMelissa~ said...

Sounds like your hvina great time with your sis....wish I could say the same. She had the chance to come stay here in Englandn with me, all she had to do was shell out 100 bucks to get her apparently that was too strenous on her...(bitch)....jk......k, NOT kidding.
At any rate, I'm still here, in England. Been here 2 months and I'm getting sick of people to ask the dunb sounding american from the south to 'Say something@ then laugh. Apparently the southern persuasion is either well liked and/or mad fun of. Oh well....They've heard me talk drunk so that should quell anyones thirst for me to open my mouth again, LOL!
Hope you are doin ok, sorry I haven't been around much, i DO miss ya girl! You always make me smellll....dammitt, SMIOLE...fuk...apparently the ouzo is getting to my head.....(god help me if I'm asked to speak to anyone).....Mucho amore senorita! (Thats how I talk over here....thay don't understand mexican so I just make shit up)

Be well,


Darren said...

Hey I need a picture and the location of your tatoo. The Real Doll people said they could do it for my special order.

Candy~ said...

Oh My Gaawweed finally! I was dieing of boredom between your hiatus and Jocks MIA-idness (again). Anyhow, how's the new job??? hmmmm?

kittycatlane said...

I'm with Candy, bout time you posted!

You're too funny. Thanksgiving sounds like it was a good time though.
I would have scraped the top off the pie and taken it anyway. OR, maybe told them it was a cajun pie, and meant to be blackened?

kay said...

Holly, huh?

Nice seasonal name.

And who's the visiting man? Is he sleepable? (Just cleaning it up for the kids. You know.)

Nice boss. MY last boss gave me this when I left:

"We'll save the filing for you, so you can come back when you feel better!"


JustJock said...

Nice likeness on the header, ho. Is that me you have by the tail?